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Cargo Recovery Solutions

Immediate response for cargo inspection, reporting, and resolution
Markets in multiple countries
over 40 years of salvage experience
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about us.

Werner Phillips is a family company, and Montreal`s premier salvage company with many years of experience handling all manner of Commercial, Retail and Industrial products.

With over 25 years of experience we are devoted to providing our clients a qualified and professional service no matter how large or small the volume, or where the stock is located.  With our warehouse located in St. Laurent, convenient to the major highways and the airport, we can ship and receive merchandise quickly and efficiently.

Our services

We can recondition, relabel and sell a multitude of products on a secondary market.
The ones we handle on a regular basis include:

Working closely with surveyors, warehouse managers, stevedores, container agents, vessel agents, custom brokers, and governmental agencies, we assist in sorting, reconditioning, and disposing of damaged products.


Our experience with customs brokers allows us to solve any documentation issues that have occurred such as Government rejections or labelling restrictions.


Liquidations and buyouts allow us to sell items at competitive prices. We buy and sell everything from individual items to full truck loads.


Not all products can be saved. We have experience disposing of items either in our location, your location, or under customs supervision.

Products we handle

We can find a secondary market for a multitude of products but, we handle the following products on regular basis

Coffee & cocoa

Green Coffee beans, Roasted, Ground (bulk or packaged)

Beans, Powder, Butter, Liquor, Various Chocolate Products

Map and coffee

Steel & metals

W/F Beams, Channels, Coil, Plate, Rod (Rebar), Sheet

Sheets, Treadplate, Foil

Other Metals include Copper, Iron, Zinc


Pulp & Paper

Pulp & Paper
Newsprint, Linerboard, Rolls, Sheeted Stock


Frozen, Fresh, and Canned Foods

Grain, Fruit & Veg ( Fresh, Frozen, Canned), Dried fruit and nuts, Meat and seafood (fresh & frozen), Spices & Herbs, Prepared /processed foods


Consumer Goods

An assortment of consumer goods from clothing, furniture, tools, and home accessories to toys and beauty products!

Our team.

Karen Bright


William Hodges

VP & Director of Operations

Stephanie Bright

Office Manager

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Montreal: 514-344-2462
Toronto: 905-612-9666

Where to find us

5505 Rue Vanden-Abeele
Saint-Laurent, QC
H4S 1S1